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A Business Broker can sell a business for a higher price than the owner can for two reasons:

  • A Business Broker is a professional who will identify more buyers and bridge the emotional issues that frequently kill deals
  • Owners, as the sales process becomes more consuming, are forced to stop paying attention to business operations --the very reason a buyer is interested--and can cause the business to lose value by the time of closing.

The average time to sell a business is three to four months, but this will be determined by the type of business being sold and whether that business is a hot item for sale at that time.

Business Brokers usually work on a contingency fee basis.

If we have two equal businesses that a buyer is looking at purchasing then the one with the most attractive terms will get the offer. There may also be tax advantages over time.

Usually the Business Advisor will be in and out of your office in about an hour

Usually the closing will be handled by the buyers and sellers lawyers together or both may elect to have one lawyer working on their behalf.

Once employees find that the business is for sale they could quit their jobs, also competition may use this against you, or customers could go to competitors and use their services instead.

This is optional, but as sellers incur no up front listing fees they are normally happy to list their business until a buyer is found, This can be done exclusive or non-exclusive.

Usually the seller will help train the buyer for two to four weeks for free, This will help the buyer to understand the process of how the business works.

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